1.1. Intermediation functions:
CATCHIT acts as an intermediator in the accommodations contracts performed by users on our web. This directly formalizes the accommodation contract between each client and its hotel establishment.
CATCHIT and the hotel establishment in question must each respond to the obligations to which they are vested in the function of their area of management.
Specifically, the hotel establishment with which the client directly formalizes the accommodation contract is responsible for the correct fulfillment of the accommodation.
CATCHIT, as intermediator, will process the reservation diligently, refer the correspondent reservation confirmation, communicate the client's petitions to the hotel establishment, dutifully inform the clients about all the relative information to their hotel establishment as well as comply with any other obligation demanded, in accordance with the applicable standard.

1.2 Presentation documents
Once the reservations are confirmed, the client will receive a confirmation email and must print the presentation bonus which must be handed in at the hotel upon arrival.

1.3 Prices:
The prices include the taxes and fees which are applicable at the time the contract is established.

1.4 The price includes:
Accommodation services without breakfast, except in the hotels which specifically indicates that other services are included. By general rule, a complete pension plan includes continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. A half-pension plan includes continental breakfast, dinner and accommodation. By general rule, food plans for half-pension and full-pension do not include drinks, except if they are included in the offer.

1.5 The price does not include:
Any other non-specified service, nor extras such as telephone calls, laundry services, minibars, parking, etc. It does not include the additional services that the client can add in the field "hotel comments" either because unless the hotel can provide this, they would be an extra cost which would have to be paid directly to the hotel.

1.6 Cribs
If this service is needed it must be indicated in the field "Hotel comments". Once the reservation is made, the hotels have a limited number of units. The crib cost, which is established by the accommodation, must be paid directly at the hotel as if it were an extra.

1.7 Withdrawal
The user does not have the right of withdrawal for any cause in the term of 14 natural days, counting from the date in which the contract is established:
According to article 103 I) in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 for which the Refunded Text of General Law is approved by the Defense of Consumers and Users, the right to withdrawal does not apply in any case in the term of 14 natural days, counted from the day the contract is established (regulated in articles 102 and following the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007) in the accommodation services for other purposes other than serving as a place to live.
Nevertheless, the client can, at any moment, solicit to cancel their accommodation reservation, applying the cancellation conditions displayed in the following section.

1.8 Cancelling a reservation
Cancelling a reservation can be done through the section "Your reservations" on our web page, through the link that sent in the confirmation e-mail, or via e-mail:
In case of an error when cancelling the reservation or in case of questions regarding how to proceed with the cancellation, you can email or call us at +34 93 319 75 70 from Monday to Friday from 9h to 21h, and Saturdays from 10h to 20h, and we will help you. Sending an email which consults about a cancellation does not mean that the reservation will be cancelled unless the client intentionally expresses that he/she wants to do so.
If the users cancel reservations, the annulment costs charged will be those applied by each hotel establishment, with which the client directly formalizes the accommodation contract, attending to its policy of cancelation. These cancellation costs will be informed to the clients during the purchasing process and they must be expressly accepted by the client before finalizing the reservation process.

1.9 Reservation modifications:
Any modification in a reservation which is already confirmed will include management costs of 12EUR. The modification must be communicated via email to
Modification is also understood as the reduction in the number of rooms or nights or the shift of the client's name.

1.10 Non-attendance costs:
If the client does not appear at the hotel and does not previously cancel the reservation, this will be considered a "No Show" and the client will be charged the costs that are charged in the hotel establishment. The charges for non-appearance tend to oscillate within the first night and the 100% of the reservation import, in function of the politics established in each hotel establishment, with which the client directly formalizes the accommodation contract. The non-attendance costs or "no-show" costs in the selected hotel by the user must be duly informed to the user during the reservation process and they must be fully accepted by the user before finalizing the reservation process.

1.11 Rates:
Some countries and autonomous communities force the hotels to charge some type of "residence rate" which is not included in the price and must be paid directly at the hotel.
1.12 Hotel names:
When a hotel notifies Catchit that his commercial name or brand has changed we will inform the user of this change in the e-mail address indicated during the reservation process.

1.13 Hotel classification and categorization:
CATCHIT has classified and categorized the available hotels on the web page into groups: "On the beach", "In the Mountains", "With children", "Charming", "Relax", "Luxury". This classification and categorization is subjective, and it is based on criteria thought by Atrápalo with the proposal of classifying the hotels more precisely into these types of groups
However, together with CATCHIT categorization, the official category of each hotel establishment is included if it exists, in function of the catalogization that the competent authorities of each country have achieved.

1.14 Reservation guarantee:
When any reservation is made, it is necessary that a credit number must be introduced as guarantee for the hotel. We recommend that is a credit or debit card with more balance than the reservation import, since the hotel can also confirm the validity of this card if the client directly formalizes the contract with the accommodation.
Also, in some cases, the hotel with which the user directly formalizes the accommodation contract can block a quantity as a guarantee which will be unblocked by the hotel when the user arrives or in the moment that the reservation is cancelled., once the cancellation costs of the hotel establishment previously informed to and accepted by the user are deduced. In these cases, Atrápalo must always act as an intermediator.

If the client does not present himself / herself to the hotel without previous notice or if a reservation is cancelled on a date in which costs are included, in accordance to the cancellation policy, the hotel can use the card to charge the corresponding expenses in cancellation and penalization.

1.15 Customer service:
To present any complaint or reclaim or to ask any other question related with the services offered or contracted, you must address to Catchit through the postal address Calle Aribau, 185 08021 Barcelona, or through the telephone +34 93 319 75 70 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm or by email:
1.16 Exchange rates:
If a hotel reservation has been completed in an account with a currency that is not the Euro, the price of the reservation will be the local coin. We will indicate an approximate price in euros, but this can vary depending on the fluctuation of dividends in the moment that the hotel charges the user.

1.17 Groups:
In the case of a group reservation in which various groups are reserved, the hotel can reserve the right to cancel them or change their conditions.

1.18 Hotel situation on the maps:
The hotel situated on the map and the calculation of distance from the points of interest are helping tools when the hotel is chosen, based on approximate calculates.

1.19 Reservations in destinations which require a visa:
The reservations in destinations that require an entrance can depend on the documenting process by the provider in order to obtain a visa. This process can have an extra cost which is not included in the reservation price. We cannot guarantee this operation for all reservations since not all providers offer this service. In the case that they are not offered, they will have to contact directly with the hotel so that the documentation can be sent.

1.20 Hour of arrival:
The hour of entrance to the hotel is normally between 12.00 - 15.00. If you arrive outside of this schedule, please contact directly with the hotel by the telephone situated on the confirmation ticket.

1.21 Management and security costs:
Management and optional security costs contracted by the clients are not reimbursable in any case.